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    Breast Surgery

    The surgeons at Novant Health Surgical Associates are skilled in a variety of breast surgeries and procedures.

    Breast Biopsies

    Breast biopsies are performed by removing tissue or cells from the breast for examination. Biopsies can be performed using a needle or other surgical instrument. This is often minimally invasive. Patients are given local or general anesthesia during the procedure. Our services include stereotactic breast biopsies which use computer and mammogram results to determine the exact location of a mass, and sentinel node biopsies which are used to determine if cancer has spread beyond the breast.

    Breast Conservation Surgery

    Breast conservation surgery allows a lump and surrounding tissue to be removed, while leaving the rest of the breast intact.


    A mastectomy is a procedure in which part of all of the breast is removed as part of a treatment for breast cancer.

    Breast Reconstruction

    Breast reconstruction recreates the breast after a mastectomy. It can be done at the same time as a mastectomy, or at a later time.