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    Intestinal Surgery

    Intestinal surgeries include procedures involving the large and small intestines as well as the colon.

    Colon Resection

    If the colon has become cancerous or in cases of diverticular disease causing inflamed pouches or bulges, part of the colon might need to be surgically removed. This is called colon resection, and can often be completed with minimally invasive methods. Please click here for more information about colon resection surgery.

    Small Bowel Resection

    In patients with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, part of the small bowel might be removed during a surgery called a small bowel resection.

    Hernia Surgery

    A hernia happens when a part of the intestine protrudes through a weakness in an abdominal muscle. A soft bulge is seen under the skin. Hernias occur in patients from birth through adulthood. Hernia surgery pushes the intestine back in and repairs the weakness in the abdominal muscle. Hernia surgery can be completed traditionally or laparoscopically. To learn more about how hernias form, please click here.