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    Rectal Procedures

    Rectal procedures involve the end of the digestive system, or rectum. Common rectal procedures include:

    Hemorrhoid Surgery

    Hemorrhoid surgery is the removal of swollen veins around the anus. Hemorrohoids that have not responded to traditional treatment might need to be surgically removed. This is a simple procedure that is ordinarily done with little or no anesthesia. Stitches or a special medical stapler are used to sever and remove the veins.

    Anal Fissure Surgery

    Anal fissures occur when a cut or tear happens to the anus and extends into the anal canal. This is often caused by a trauma or, in rare cases, cancer. An anal fistula is an infected cavity near the anus or rectum. It is often caused by another infection. Both fissures and fistulas can be repaired with surgery in some cases.

    Rectal Tumors

    Tumors can form in the rectum in patients with colorectal cancer. Some small tumors and polyps can be removed during a colonoscopy. Larger tumors or more advanced cancers might require more involved surgery, or removal of larger parts of the rectum or colon. This is called a colectomy, and can often be done with minimally invasive methods. Click here to learn more about rectal tumors and treatments for colorectal cancer.